How To Do A Fade Haircut For Men

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How To Do A Fade Haircut For Men:

The fade haircut is a popular hairstyle for men. Not only is it trendy but it is flattering for most. The hair on the sides and back are kept really low while the top is kept very high. Cutting your hair into a fade is pretty simple as long as you have the correct tools. However, it may be difficult if it�s the first you are cutting your hair.



You want to ensure that the top section of your hair is damp. Ensure to spritz it with water but do not soak the hair. This allows the hair to be easily moulded and cut into the style that you desire. Also, it is the section that will be left out so we want to ensure that that section is clearly defined.


Next, choose the correct shears as well as guard size to get your perfect fade line. A lower guard size number means a shorter cut. Therefore, the higher the number the better. This step is crucial because it will be used to shave the entire sides as well as the back portion of your hair.


Choose where you want the fade line to be. It usually wraps all around the head going from ear to ear. You can let your fade be at the same line in the diagram or lower if you so desire. It all depends on what you prefer. You can get creative with your fade lines by shaping in diagonally if you so desire.


Section the top portion of your hair � This is the portion that will have the most hair. Or, it will have more hair than the shaved sides. For this step, you would take a comb, trace a rectangle then section it out of the way. You can use a duck clip, scrunchie or even an elastic band. This allows you to see the area that is going to be cleanly shaven.


Shave away � Once the top section is out of the way, then it�s time to cut. You would use your shears or clippers to shave the sides and back really low. Also, using the right guard from step 2 will allow you to achieve the smooth cut. There is a general rule of thumb to shave your hair in the opposite direction that it shows. Since your hair grows downward you would shave upward. Moving the clip in the upward motion allows you to grip and manoeuvre the shears carefully. Ensure to lightly press down on the scalp as you shave to ensure a smooth cut.


Move the clippers across the fade line � The fade line is where the transition from low to high or high to low occurs. Hence, we would move the clippers sideways or horizontally across the fade line. This ensures that the area below the line is clean cut. Also, tilt or angle your head to ensure that is shaving accordingly. .


Be steady as you progress � The slower you cut towards the end is the better the cut will look. In addition, you are able to clean up any uneven layers or spots for a smooth finish. Lastly, you need to be steady as you cut near the ears. Ensure to pull down the top of the ear to cut the area that�s hidden behind it.


Switch your guards � Depending on the look you are going for you can switch your guards. You may want a smoother or cleaner shaved side. Or, you would want your beard or moustache lined up accordingly. Hence, you need a different guard for the goal. Ensure to guard down to a smaller head size or number.


Do the clippers comb over method � This method allows you to have a smooth fade line. For this step, you would place the comb on the hair above the fade line. Then angle the comb at a 45-degree angle. Ensure that your hair is combed upwards prior to cutting. Then, you would run the clippers up towards the comb from the fade line. Ensure to repeat this along the perimeter of the fade line. This allows your hair to be clean shaved along the perimeter of your hair.


Shape the Top Portion � This last step allows you to cut or shape the top section of your hair. Depending on the style that you want to achieve such as curls, pompadour, quiff, or even a man bun, then you would shape accordingly. For the pompadour or quiff, you will need to cut and shape accordingly to your favourite site or height. However, for the curls or the man you want to ensure that the top portion is moisturised properly. This allows the top portion to be moisturised as well as shiny.


The Final Cut � The final cut is done to ensure that your fade has a smooth finish. You would take the scissors to clip any loose hair, flyaways, or spiky hair to get the hair to a smooth cut. Next, clip any stray hairs on the top portion of the hair. Then, you would brush away any loose hair that has stuck to your neck or hair while your hair was being shaved. Also, if you have a moustache or beard then you can line it up accordingly for the overall look. And lastly, Next, spray your entire hair with hair spray of sheen. This allows the hairstyle to stay as well as provide the sheen for the smooth look.


A fade is a simple yet sleek hairstyle. Also, you can add more by adding various designs, deep side parts and even colour! If you are planning to do it at home, do not worry because the technique takes time to master. As well as, ensure to watch how your barber does it and to ask him the necessary question.


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